A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Photon Highway is an arcade racer in which you drive on a procedurally generated road while trying to reach the end of the universe.

On your journey to the end you will be driving through 10 unique areas. But beware! Many different obstacles block your way and if you crash, you have to start from the beginning of the road again.

Once you reach certain areas, you unlock new vehicles, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


Rotate Left: Left Arrow Key / A

Rotate Right: Right Arrow Key / D

Speed Up: Up Arrow Key / W

  • Driving fast gives you bonus points
  • It reduced the splitting effect
  • It recharges your life ( green bar at the top of the screen)

Speed Down: Down Arrow Key / S

  • Driving slowly for too long will split you car into two

Pause: P

Restart: R

Back: Escape

Exclusive itch.io tip: 

You don't see as far when you drive uphill! Turn every hill into a curve by rotating by 90掳 !

Listen to the Soundtrack on Soundcloud:


PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(62 total ratings)
GenreAction, Racing
TagsAbstract, Arcade, Atmospheric, Driving, Fast-Paced, High Score, Roguelike, Sci-fi, Space
Average sessionA few minutes


MacOS App 52 MB
Windows Exe 43 MB

Install instructions

Mac: If OSX won't open the game try to right click on the game and choose "Open".

Also available on

Development log


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can u make it's keybinding to wasd also, it would be awesome

this game is so good


I started playing your game last month. It took me 3 videos to finally beat the game, but once I did, I screamed SO LOUD. This is probably the hardest game that I've ever played in my life (even more than Geometry Dash), and if you plan on making any other games in the future I'll absolutely play it. This was a real blast :)

wow 馃敟馃敟


Cool Game ! 

oye no me deja instalar me error:prohibido lo puedes solusionar?



Any chance we can get a build that works on Catalina?

(1 edit)

Really good...Amazing original graphics... Would probably rather see a moon at the beginning instead of that bright sun (The sun is too bright..and makes me look slightly away).

Hola, el juego lo veo muy bueno y divertido, pero lo descargue y lo abri y se cierra al presionar el boton play de el launcher, y no se como solucionar ese error, solo se cierra de la nada y se queda en blanco :/

Hola, el juego lo veo muy bueno y divertido, pero lo descargu茅 y lo abr铆 y se cierra cuando presiono el bot贸n de reproducci贸n del iniciador, y no s茅 c贸mo resolver ese error, simplemente se cierra de la nada y se queda en blanco: /


Wow this is amazingly relaxing ! Beautiful game !

I saw a little bug : When you enter the garage for the first time after launching the game, from the main menu, the selected car is labelled : "+1 life at start +10% speed". Switching to adjacent one then coming back writes then the actual label.

Keep making games like that ! =-D


both game and bgm are fantastic!!!

The game is really beautiful and the colours are amazing, I really enjoyed the gameplay, the music, the menus, and everything. If I had the ability to donate I definitely would!

i have only played this game for a short while, but i have discovered is reduces my anxiety significantly and induces a feeling that i can only describe as mindfulness? the soundtrack is really nice, and the graphics are awesome! overall great game, simple but fun and gently immersive!

visually STUNNING

I really loved this game. It is so much fun, the art is great, and the music is the perfect choice for this game's emotion. Thanks for such a great game! XD

one of the best indie games i ever played

really love the high speed mode

Controller support would help greatly. I have much more fine control with an analog stick.

A really beautiful and relaxing game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!
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This game is so much fun, thank you! Do you think it would be possible to unlock the 2560x1080 (ultrawide) resolution? Given the graphics style, I suppose it will work just fine.

EDIT: Ha, just found it works perfectly by setting the command-line -screen-width 2560 -screen-height 1080 to the game shortcut. :D

What an amazing adventure! Pity there's not an "infinity mode", and the game always ends at 575LY, but that's just asking too much. Special shout-out to the car setting and level hardness (not to say the graphics and music weren't awesome), it's a great learning curve!

oh my銆傘傘傘

congratulation锛 I got stuck at lv 3

I suck at this game, but I thought it was fun.

The game is absolutely gorgeous, and runs incredibly smooth and precise.  But it's so hard haha.  I think I made it about halfway through the levels, and I really like, and also don't like, that there is a new aspect to learn to dodge in each new area.  If I took advantage of the ability to slow down, I think I could do better, but no guarantees.  Amazing job on this Sirnic!



Really nice visuals and minimalist, chilled soundtrack. I didn't end up finishing the game as I found it too difficult to avoid obstacles at later levels but I'm not that great at these type of games anyway. Made a short gameplay video.

Simplesmente incr铆vel!!

A trilha sonora 茅 encantadora, que combina inteiramente com a jogabilidade dando um efeito de imers茫o fant谩stico.

Este jogo precisa ser divulgado e at茅 mesmo expandido!

J谩 estou compartilhando o m谩ximo que posso, trabalho bem feito tem que ser reconhecido!

Muito obrigado!!

What an amazing game!

addicted to the amazing art and beautiful music, feels like in a dream~ love it!

Hiya! Really liked this game. The art style is amazing, It's just that I'm bad at the game.

Well here's my play of it!

I was heavily impressed by the art design of the game. Good job on making a photon car truly feel like a photon, keep up the great work!

(1 edit)

Thank you! I'm so glad you all like the graphics so much, because I spent around 70% of the development time on the graphics/ feeling of game.

This game is super beautiful! is there anyway in the possible future you could do a tutorial of some of the effects you did . Really love how you can speed up and slow down gameplay on your own! 

Yes, I actually thought about makings some tutorials of the effects! Unfortunately, right now I'm quite busy, but I hope I can write some in near  future :)

Deleted 3 years ago

I will try to  port it, but I can't promise anything ;)

Deleted 3 years ago

I like it, love the graphics. Go on with this amazing project

Please port to Linux

This was so relaxing. I ended up just talking about physics for fifteen minutes, all stemming off the assumption that the car was a photon, The visuals are stunning, the gameplay is solid and fluid, and the music is just so nice. All the pieces fit so well and even though I wasn't giving my full attention to the game it was always engaging. Well done to your whole team!

Man! I absolutely loved the graphics, the music also felt really fitted in with the gameplay! Good luck to your future games!

Amazing work man! Love the neon lights!

Very nice dude!

One of the most Beautifull games I have ever played

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